About Cafe Damascus

This is about the Middle East. This is about Israel.

For so long people are concentrated on the Israel – Palestinians conflict, that we’ve lost the greater picture. For so long we are in a conflict that we forgot that we are part of this region. The Middle East is a place of ancient traditions, of ancient people, a place of countless opinions, alliances and struggles, a place with different rules and viewpoints. And we are in the middle. So this is about us and our neighbors, about Israel in the Middle East. Here we can see the big picture by facing the small details, here we can discuss and argue, here we can meet this fascinating and unique universe and step beyond the generalized image of it, that is so common in the western world. We need it to make war; we need it to make peace. We need to understand.

 In the Middle East the coffee shop is a place of gathering. Here you meet people, here you hear other’s ideas and here you share yours. And so, I decided to create Café Damascus – a place to speak about the Middle East, a place to see it through local eyes.



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