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Wearing the Green

Sirens in Tel Aviv, shelling in Gaza. Children crying in Ashkelon, a building goes down in Rafah. Fire in Netivot, smoke over Jebalya. And all this time heavy clouds are coming from the grey sea and first rains fall, shy autumn rains, a wisper of winter as we fight again.
As we take our old uniform from the closets. As we kiss our wives (or husbands). As we hug our children before going down the stairs. As we notify our work places that we also received the phone call. As we gather together, wearing our olive greens. As we look west, on the houses of Gaza in the distanse and the clouds of rain and smoke. As we see the trails left by the missiles you fire at our cities. As we stand together one more time we remember – we didn’t want this.
We spoke, but no one heared. We warned, but the world remained silent. We waited as rockets, thousands of rockets, fell from above in random indifference – but no one seemed to care. And now, again, we wear the green. Not for conquest, not for occupation, not for empty words but for life. For the smiles we left behind.
Yes, this is a tragedy. And yes we are angry. We are angry that they made us come here once again. We are angry that they don’t care about their children. We are angry that they can not see behind the curtain of hatred that they put in front of their own eyes.
And yet, we stand still. We are getting ready. And soon we may move. Because in times like this we leave our differences behind. We see everithing clearly. We recognize the price, we see the pain of the other side and we are hurting with them – but we are getting ready to move. Sometimes there are things you have to do. Sometimes they don’t live you any choice.
As the clouds of rain are gathering I ask you, on the other side of those empty fields, to remember that we are not your enemy. We’ve never been. All we ever wanted, all we still want, is to build our home, to plant our fields, to raise our children. As we did from the very beginning – we offer our hand in peace, we dream about creating a new future here for all of us. Yet still you choose not to see that. And so we wear the olive green today.
Rain is falling on me. Rain is falling on the houses in the distanse. We are ready. We are strong and firm. Tomorrow we will dream again. Today we wear the green.

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